3-Part Event at the Santander Work Cafe, Jersey

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I am delighted to run a 3-part event at the Santander Work Cafe in Jersey. In these sessions, I will walk you through setting up and running an online business, using online courses to grow your business, and podcasting to get your business heard.

You can attend all 3 sessions or just the ones that pique your interest. Each session is free to attend, but booking tickets is a must.

Event 1: Building an Online Business from Scratch: Secrets from the Inside

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 15th September 2022

“In this 3-part series, Verity Sangan shares tips for starting and growing an online business and scaling with online courses and a podcast.

Setting up and running as a solopreneur can be a daunting prospect. In this session, Verity talks about the highs and lows of working as a solopreneur and the steps to building your online brand from your computer.

Verity set up her business in January 2022 and works with clients globally, helping them to create, grow, and scale their online courses. At the heart of the business, Verity shares her knowledge and experiences to empower others how to teach online.”

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Event 2: Online Courses: A Look at a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 13th October 2022

“Teaching online has been on the rise in recent years, and this billion-dollar industry has accelerated further due to the pandemic.

In this session, Verity will explain the concepts of creating an online course. Whether you have a passion that you want to teach online, want to expand your business by teaching others, or want to take your staff training online, there is something for everyone in this session.

Verity is a solopreneur who works as an Online Course Coach, teaching others how to teach online. Having qualified to teach both Further and Higher Education, Verity uses her experiences in the education and training fields to empower others how to teach online.”

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Event 3: Podcasting: How to Get Your Business Heard

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 17th November 2022

“In 2021, there were 850,000 active podcasts, with over 48 million episodes in circulation (to compare, there’s at least 51 million active YouTube channels!). Podcasts are on the rise and in this session, Verity takes you through how podcasts and podcasting can help you accelerate your business. From hosting your own podcast, to appearing as a podcast guest, Verity shares top tips of the trade to get you started.

Verity hosts the weekly podcast ‘Bloggers Creating Courses,’ a podcast that takes listeners behind the scenes of creating an online course. The podcast has guested names such as Melissa Guller, Krista Marie Lynch, Megan Huber, to name a few. Verity has guested on various podcasts, including Built to Last, So She Did, Second Act Success, and Content Cash Machine.”

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