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Elite Onboarding

Elevate Your Podcast Guests' Experience

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Have you just had to send off ANOTHER email to schedule a podcast guest?

Are you now kicking yourself because you forgot to tell them that you couldn't make a specific date? Or you forgot to ask for their profile pic? We've all been there 🙄

Your Dream Guests: Onboarded with Ease ✅

Is The Idea Of Getting Your Guest Info Weighing Your Down?

I see you there; you’re running your successful podcast, but the idea of the background work required to get your guests on your show is STRESSING YOU OUT.

And I get it.

You want to concentrate on recording awesome content and not chasing people for bios, images, and generally on background admin.

Enter: Elite Onboarding, the Masterclass where you will learn how to implement an onboarding process for your podcast guests that is seamless and as professional as the rest of your business.

Is Elite Onboarding For Me?

This is for you if you:

  • Are spending way too much time with a manual podcast workflow.
  • Things are getting missed when you are booking and hosting clients on your podcast.
  • You’re worried that your podcast workflow doesn’t match the same professionalism as the rest of your business.
  • You want to make a good first impression to potential podcast guests; giving them that sense of a premium experience.
  • You’re often left having to go back to podcast guests multiple times asking for various bits of information.
  • You’ve heard about Guest Release Forms, but you’ve no idea where to start with implementing one.

This is not for you if you're:

  • A podcaster who is not interested in featuring guests on your show.

  • Not willing to put in the work and implement the strategies taught in the course.

  • Looking for a course that covers the technical aspects of podcasting. If you want this type of tuition, check out The Confident Podcaster.

How Will Elite Onboarding Help Me?

Star Treatment

Our process is all about making your guests feel special and giving them a great experience that they love.

Save You Time

You can waste so much time with back-and-forth emails. Following a succinct process saves you time that you can spend elsewhere.

Get The Info You Need

It’s easy to forget to ask for a key piece of information. With our process, you’ll get everything you need before hitting ‘record.’

Organised Workflow

Having a process that organises all of your guest information in one place can save you and your team so many headaches.

✅ Lifetime access to the 40-minute Masterclass covering the theory of your guest onboarding process.

✅ An in-depth behind-the-scenes look at my own onboarding workflow.

✅ 4 x step-by-step tutorials to guide you through setting up your own process on both free and paid-for platforms.

The Curriculum


  • Top tips for how and where to find the best guests for your podcast and audience.


  • Why a solid workflow is important to make your brand look professional and give a premium guest experience.


  • What a Guest Release Form is and why having one is so important to protect yourself, your podcast, and your business.
  • Where to get templates to craft your own Guest Release Form.
  • Step-by-step tutorial for writing your Guest Release Form (with a behind-the-scenes look at my own!)


  • Step-by-step tutorials on setting up your guest workflow that will save you time when booking your podcast guests.
  • Tutorials provided for both free and paid-for tools to ensure that you can implement an elite onboarding system no matter what your budget is.

Price = £97

About Me

Hey! I'm Verity

Podcast Manager, Launch Strategist, and Host.

Since launching The Confident CEO Podcast, I have scaled to:

Hitting the podcast charts in 6 countries, including the top 30 in Ireland and the top 60 in the UK for entrepreneur podcasts.
Consistently hit the top 250 for 6+ countries.

We’ve featured a tonne of amazing guests who are experts in their field, and I cannot WAIT to share my strategy for onboarding these steller guests with you 😉


Check Out This Feedback From One Guest:

Verity makes the scheduling process so easy for guest hosts on her podcast! Her booking link + questionnaire is so smooth and provides a great experience for guests.
Krista Campbell
Guest on The Confident CEO Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions


This Masterclass is designed to help new and current podcasters alike.

Even if you don’t have any guests lined up YET, having your onboarding system in place means that you’re all ready for when you are ready to take guests on your show!

The Masterclass is self-paced, so you can complete it in your own time. However, we recommend setting aside a couple of hours to go through the Masterclass content and implement the processes.


Once purchased, you have access to all materials for the lifetime of the Masterclass.

If we ever update this course, add new lessons, or add in new resources, you’ll instantly be granted access to these updates!

The Elite Onboarding Masterclass is £97.00 GBP.


I believe in setting up processes that are cost-effective, leaving you to invest your hard-earned cash in other areas of your business.

That’s why, in this Masterclass, I teach you how to set up a premium podcast guest onboarding experience using free tools.

(I do also show you how to set up the process using paid-for plans also!)


In this Masterclass, I give you step-by-step tutorials for setting up your premium podcast guest onboard process so that you’re not left high and dry and wondering where to go next.

Elite Podcast Cover

Get Your Podcast Guest Process as Professional as the Rest of Your Business

Imagine If...

You had more time to promote your podcast and increase your chance to skyrocket to the charts.

You had an automated podcast workflow in place that frees up your time to focus on what you do best.

Your guests are wowed by your onboarding system and their experience of guesting on your podcast.

You’re able to book multiple guests with ease and simplicity.

Your guest information was organised so everything is easily accessible for you.

⬇ Create your elite onboarding process today ⬇

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