Ep 18: Why You Need A Podcast Guest Release Form (and How to Write One)

Podcast Guest Release Form (YouTube Thumbnail)

In this episode, we focus on podcast guests and the importance of having a podcast guest release form.

Podcast guests bring so much value to podcasts; providing fresh perspectives, engaging stories, and valuable insights that keep your audience hooked. However, the legal aspects of having guests on a show can often be overlooked.

Enter Podcast Guest Release forms. Here, we will break down these essential documents that can protect both you and your guest from potential legal issues. They ensure that permission is granted to use your guest’s voice, image, and likeness on the show.

Want to know more? Grab a notebook and let’s dive in.

Episode links:

➡️ Free Guest Release Form template from Gordon Firemark: https://www.gordonfiremark.com/PodcastRelease

➡️ Free Guest Release Form template on Jotform: https://link.jotform.com/beginwithwp-AVwWi0ShmT

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