Ep 29: 4 Podcast Management Tools Every Podcaster Should Know About

Podcast management tools

In the latest episode, we discuss four unexpected podcast management tools that can streamline workflow. We talk about my personal use and experience with these tools, including Asana for project management, Chartable and Podkite for analytics, and the convenience of monitoring reviews from various platforms in one place.

I also recommend other tools such as Google Sheets, G Drive, and Repurpose.io for planning, storage, accessibility, and automation of tasks.


  • Focus of the podcast on providing effective tips and strategies for podcasting
  • Discussion of four unexpected, free podcast management tools
  • Use of Asana as a project management tool
  • Benefits of using Chartable and Podkite for analytics and smart link features

Management tools mentioned:

⚡️ Asana: https://app.asana.com/

⚡️ GDrive: https://www.google.com/drive/

⚡️ Repurpose.io: https://veritysangan.com/repurposeio

⚡️ Chartable: https://chartable.com/

⚡️ Podkite: https://podkite.com/

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