Ep 31: Why You Should Have Your Podcast Listed on Spotify

Why you should have your podcast listed on Spotify

In this episode, we look at the importance of listing your podcast on as many directories as possible, including Spotify, for increased reach and potential listenership.

We discuss the advantages of having your podcast available on diverse platforms, which can attract a loyal fanbase or viewers who prefer a specific platform. We also highlight the massive listener platform that Spotify offers and the ease of uploading your podcast and viewing detailed analytics.

We cover the importance of using appropriate metadata for your podcast and promoting your Spotify podcast link on other platforms, as well as exploring practical tips for promoting your podcast on social media to grow your reach and listenership. And let’s not forget analytics! We look at the importance of monitoring the performance of your podcast on Spotify, using the analytics provided by the platform to determine listener preferences and align your promotional and content strategy accordingly for podcast growth.


  • Importance of listing a podcast on multiple directories
  • Advantages of diverse platforms
  • Value of having a podcast available on Spotify
  • Ease of uploading podcasts to Spotify
  • Importance of using appropriate metadata for podcasts
  • Promoting a Spotify podcast link on other platforms
  • Importance of promoting a podcast on social media
  • Tips for growing a podcast’s reach and listenership
  • Importance of monitoring the performance of a podcast on Spotify
  • Using Spotify analytics for key insights into listening patterns
  • Aligning promotional and content strategy based on Spotify insights

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