The Course Creator Mastermind

Share your passion and teach with purpose

Are you fed up of online courses which don't actually show you to teach online?

Then you're in the right place

The Mastermind shows you how to teach online so that your students learn.

I understand the frustration of buying online courses and:

❌ Not learning what you were promised

❌ Not seeing the results that you want

❌ Not learning how to teach online

❌ Seeing regurgitated ‘strategies’ that aren’t based on teaching and education theory

That’s where The Course Creator Mastermind comes in

A new way to learn to create an online course and teach online

Weeks 1-8:

✅ You will follow a self-paced online course that walks you through creating your online course.

✅ 1:1 coaching session with Verity.

✅ I will host 7 x live mentoring session. Each session will focus on a key area of teaching to help you develop as an online teacher. I will also answer your burning questions from the week.

Weeks 9-12:

✅ You will continue to implement what you have learned in the first 8 weeks.

✅ We will have a group session where we will audit one of the cohort’s courses and everyone can learn from this application of knowledge.

The Course Creator Mastermind is a perfect solution if...


➡️ You’ve bought online courses in the past, but still don’t know how, or have the confidence, to teach online.

➡️ The online courses you’ve purchased in the past didn’t actually teach you how to teach online.

➡️ You’re worried about putting your knowledge out there and that you don’t know enough to teach online.

Mummy and me

Sound familiar?

Then you're in the right place

What's included

✅ Self-paced, online course with actionable, step-by-step lessons for you to implement.

✅ Live teaching sessions which are based on teaching theory and taught by someone with teaching qualifications and experience.

✅ An exclusive community where you will be involved in a community of like-minded individuals.


What will I learn in The Course Creator Mastermind?

female blogger on MacBook laptop

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of teaching online
  • Understand how to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Understand inclusive teaching and learning approaches
  • Be able to deliver inclusive teaching and learning
  • Be able to plan inclusive teaching and learning
  • Be able to assist students in applying new knowledge and skills


Self-paced course curriculum

Preliminary Planning

Identify who your students are, narrow down your online course idea, and define the problem that your course is going to solve.

Planning Your Course

In this module, I will combine theory and tutorials to guide you through planning your own online course and lessons.

Presenting Your Content

In this module, we will look at the ways of presenting your online course to help you students get the most out of their learning.

Learning Styles

Find out how people learn and the ways you can deliver your online lessons so that your students learn in a way which suits their individual needs.

Evaluating Your Online Course

Create a killer evaluation strategy to get the feedback you need to improve your course and maintain what you’re already doing well.

Choosing an Online Platform

Information and tips for choosing the online course that suits your course and business needs.

Selling Your Online Course

How to price and sell your online course, plus make a killer landing page.

Useful Resources

Inside information on the resources that I use and recommend when making my own online courses.

BONUS - Naming Your Online Course Workbook

A 6-page workbook to help you formulate the perfect name for your online course.

Who will guide me through this?

Hi! I'm Verity

I’ve been in training and education roles for over 15 years, with my focus being on adult and online education.

My qualifications include PGCert Professional Education, Diploma in Education and Training, MSc Professional Practice, Internal Quality Assurance, and Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement.

Having built and sold online courses for a number of years, my work has been featured at national and international conferences, including the LearnWorlds Design for Growth Summit.

I set up The Course Creator Mastermind to mentor individuals like you who want to cut through the poor advice out there and learn to build an online course that you are proud of.

What support will I receive?


You will be invited to 8 x weekly group mentoring sessions where we will discuss the latest section of the online course and I will personally answer any questions you have.

Can’t make the live group sessions? Not a problem! Submit your questions and Verity will answer them in the session.


I will also provide email support throughout the 12 week program to answer any burning questions you have.

Need more?

There is a dedicated section of the student portal for all of the live session recordings. So, if you can’t make a session, or you want to re-watch a session, they’re all there waiting for you!

We will also run peer feedback activities so you can gain feedback from another student for your own online course/teaching!

Qs & As

1. How many people are there in each cohort?
I like to give students as much of my attention as possible. Therefore, I limit my cohort numbers to make sure that I have enough time for everyone.
2. What if I can't make a mentoring session?
If you can't make a group mentoring session; don't panic! The sessions are recorded and uploaded to the student portal where you can view them at your leisure.
3. When does your course reopen?
I run limited intakes of this course per year. My next intake is September 2022.
4. How do I know this isn't 'just another online course?'
Quite simply, because my course and approach is backed by learning theory. I don't just teach you how to create an online course, I actually teach you how to teach online. Not only that, but there is bucket loads of support in the form of mentoring sessions which other courses just don't provide.
5. What's expected of me in this program?
This is an intensive program and your participation is required.
You will be creating your online course during this 12 week program. You will also go through at least 1 other course created by one of your cohort. You will be expected to provide them with feedback which they can use for their course.

Why? This approach is known as peer feedback and is an invaluable tool. Peer feedback allows you to learn from others in your cohort and gain a fresh perspective on your course.
6. How do I know if this course isn't for me?
This course isn't for you if:
- You want passive learning where your participation isn't needed.
- You aren't willing to contribute to group mentoring sessions and peer feedback activities.

At this point, you have 2 paths. Which will you choose?

Path A

Waste hours on Facebook Groups desperately posting messages like ‘How do I create a course?’ and ‘Can you tell me what I need to do to create a course?’

Path B

Sign up to The Course Creator Mastermind where you will be taught how to design your curriculum, develop your lessons, nail down your target students, and create a course you are proud of.

The choice is yours, but Path B will save you time and money in the long run.

Your investment = £799

Full transparency: this price is only available for the September 2022 cohort. The price will increase for future cohorts.

One time price

= £799

4 x monthly payments

= £210

Enrol today for the September 2022 intake. But hurry, places are limited!