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What started as a Christmas gift from my husband in 2021 – a Blue Yeti microphone – turned into a passion that I’m now proud to call my profession.

My journey into the world of podcasting may have started by accident, but it quickly became a fulfilling and exciting path for me. After a few months of learning everything I could about podcasting, I launched my very own podcast called The Confident CEO. In just 8 months, my podcast charted in multiple countries and has since become a top 50% podcast globally, regularly landing in the top 250 business entrepreneurship podcast charts in the UK Apple Podcast Charts.

I got into podcasting almost accidentally, and haven’t looked back. But, along my journey, I’ve noticed one thing.

There are not enough women in podcasting. And the vast majority of top podcasts are not hosted by women.

When I delved into this a little, I found women who had amazing ideas for a podcast, but didn’t know where to start, were overwhelmed with the information available, or just needed an easy-to-follow strategy and advice to get their podcast going.

Thus, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Podcasting was born.

My mission is simple: to help you create and build the podcast that you’ve been dreaming of, using advice that is to the point, easy to follow, and cuts the %$*&.

Sound like what you need? Start by subscribing to the show.

When I’m not busy working on podcasts, I love indulging in my personal interests, including my love for Star Wars, murder-mystery/crime novels, and 80’s movies.

I’m also a proud mother of two daughters who constantly inspire me with their creativity and curiosity.

I have a bit of a rebellious streak and express it through my many ear piercings, and I love to bake gluten-free cakes and tray bakes (although I haven’t quite mastered biscuits yet!).

When it comes to travel, I love exploring the history of different cultures and soaking up the sun in hot places.

Overall, I’m a bit of a history nerd with a passion for all things creative and a love for exploring new places.

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