Incorporating Storytelling into your Podcasting

In this episode, we’re diving into the captivating world of storytelling and how you can infuse it into your own podcast.

Firstly, we will explore how to start incorporating storytelling into your podcast episodes. Storytelling is a powerful tool that can transform your episodes from informative to unforgettable.

One crucial aspect we’ll emphasise is not being afraid to be a storyteller. You might think, “But I’m not a professional storyteller!” Well, let me tell you a secret: we’re all storytellers at heart. Whether you’re recounting a personal experience or sharing intriguing anecdotes, your unique voice and perspective will captivate your audience.

Next, we’ll delve into the importance of connections in storytelling. Stories have an incredible ability to create bonds between you and your listener. We’ll explore how to forge that deep connection by infusing emotion, vulnerability, and relatability into your narratives. Get ready to touch hearts and leave a lasting impact on your podcast community!

Lastly, we touch on why it’s important to only share stories that you want to share and not share anything that you want to keep personal. Your podcast is your creative space, and it’s essential to share stories that genuinely resonate with you and that you’re comfortable with telling others.



Hello there and welcome back to another episode of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting.

In this episode, I want to talk about incorporating storytelling into your podcasting. And actually what that can what that can mean and how you can talk about things, particularly in your life without oversharing and without feeling like you've got people literally following you around if that's not your style.

Storytelling is a really powerful tool for creating engaging content. We know that particularly in 2023 and beyond people are more interested to engage with people but they aren't necessarily with faceless brands. And storytelling is just a way to connect with people on a completely different level. So by incorporating storytelling into your podcast, you can really create that connection with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

How you can start by incorporating storytelling into your podcast is start by identifying stories that relate to your podcast topic and find that unique angle to tell them with. You can use descriptive language and the details to bring your stories to life and incorporate personal anecdotes or interviews with experts to add that real depth and authenticity to your stories. You might often think oh no one cares about this in my life because everyone does that or this just sounds so boring. But actually, those are the things that people make connection points with you with you about.

On my other podcast, The Confident CEO Podcast, I randomly shared on one episode that I was loving the latest episode of Dragon's Den. And I had so many people DM me on Instagram saying "Oh my gosh, I also love Dragon's Den," and then that led to all these different conversations because people were connecting it was a connection point that people were relating too.

So never be afraid to storytell if it's relevant and if you're comfortable to do so. We know that incorporating storytelling into your podcast, you can help create content that's memorable, emotional and impactful.

But when incorporating stories, you only need to tell the stories that you want to if you're not comfortable talking about certain areas of your life, then that is absolutely fine and you you don't owe anybody an explanation as to why certain topics of your personal life are out of bounds and just because somebody else is talking about something on their podcast does not mean that you need to provide the same details of a similar depth or level on your podcast either.

So I'm gonna give you an example here. I am a mother of two daughters, if you have followed me for any amount of time on social media or through podcasting, you will probably know that because I do refer to them from time to time on my socials and also on my podcast.

However, my audience and my listeners know this only because I mentioned quote unquote the girls in my in my content and unlike the content that I create, I never share their names. I don't share their images or anything about their personal lives. That was a personal decision that my husband and I made a long time ago. And although not everyone might agree and that's absolutely fine, everyone parents differently, this isn't an episode telling you how to parent, I'm literally just using this as an example because at the end of the day, nobody parents perfectly. We're all just doing the best that we can, right? It's not just me? Hopefully, I'm you know, ringing a few bells with other parents out there.

But the point that I'm making is that I am incredibly firm, and so is my husband, that we don't share anything personal about our daughters on online. So just because I've know 'Jenny,' who also has a podcast is also sharing loads about her kids, that's fine. If that is how she wants to storytell, I've got no problem with that, but it doesn't suit me.

However, I will tell background stories that 'Jenny' might not be, you know, happy with sharing. So that is also fine.

The point that I'm making is people relate to stories, people like stories and it's a great way of connecting with your audience. However, if you do not want to share certain information about your personal life, you do not have to you don't need to apologise for that, you don't need to justify why you're not sharing that information.

And as I said just because somebody else's storytelling and aspect of their lives doesn't mean that you need to you need to do that as well. So I know that this has been quite a quick episode quite a short episode, but I really, really hope that it has been useful just to get you thinking about storytelling within your podcast and how you can incorporate storytelling into your podcasts that feel in control and empowered of that storytelling. Because you are in control of that at the end of the day.

I hope you've enjoyed this episode. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn on Instagram on Twitter at Verity Sangan on all of them and let me know what you think about storytelling in podcasting.

I've also just set up my buy me a coffee so if you want to support this podcast do head down to the coffee link in the show notes. You can buy me a cup of tea to support the show and that would be greatly appreciate it but otherwise I will see you next episode.

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