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10 Podcast Episode Ideas For When You Don’t Know What to Podcast About

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We’ve all been there. Despite hours of careful planning to get our podcast where we want it to be, sometimes even the best and most prepared podcasters sit down and wonder what to podcast about for their next episode.

It’s an especially frustrating experience when you have a ton of ideas all ready to go, but you don’t feel like recording any of them. I’ve been through it too—staring at my list of potential topics, feeling that none of them are quite right for this moment.

So whether you’re stuck for episode ideas for your show, or you’ve got analysis paralysis over your current episode idea list, here are 10 podcast episode ideas that will work for any podcaster in any niche. Trust me, these can help you break through that creative block and get back to recording content you’re excited about.

10 Podcast Episode Ideas For When You Don't Know What to Podcast About

Episode Idea 1: Introduction and Mission Statement

Start at the beginning. Share your mission and what listeners can expect from your podcast. This is perfect for a first episode or a reintroduction to attract new listeners.

Episode Idea 2: Origin Story

People love stories. Tell your audience how you got started, the challenges you faced, and what inspired you to create your podcast. It’s personal, engaging, and builds a strong connection with your audience.

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Episode Idea 3: Expert Interview

Bring in a guest expert in your niche. Their insights can provide value to your listeners and attract their audience to your podcast. Plus, it’s always refreshing to have a different voice on your show.

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Episode Idea 4: Best Practices and Tips

Share your top tips and best practices related to your podcast’s theme. This type of content is evergreen and highly valuable for your audience, positioning you as a go-to resource in your niche.

Episode Idea 5: Trends and Innovations

Discuss the latest trends and innovations in your field. Keeping your content current and relevant is a great way to keep your listeners engaged and coming back for more.

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Episode Idea 6: Success Stories

Everyone loves a success story. Share case studies or personal anecdotes about success in your niche. These stories are inspiring and can provide actionable insights for your audience.

Episode Idea 7: Q&A Session

Engage with your audience by answering their questions. You can gather questions through social media, email, or live sessions. This type of episode builds a strong community feel.

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Episode Idea 8: Behind the Scenes

Take your listeners behind the scenes of your podcast or business. Show them the process, the people involved, and the work that goes into creating your content. It makes your podcast feel more personal and relatable.

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Episode Idea 9: Myth-Busting

Address common myths and misconceptions in your niche. This can be both informative and entertaining, and it positions you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source of information.

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Episode Idea 10: Reflection and Future Outlook

Reflect on your podcast journey so far and share your future plans. This type of episode can be very motivating for your audience and can also serve as a milestone marker for your podcast.

Bonus Episode Idea: Re-release an Episode from Your Back Catalogue

Got a great episode that newer listeners might have missed? Re-release it! It’s a fantastic way to showcase your best content and give it a second life.

When you’re wondering what to podcast about, remember that sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most impactful. Don’t let the pressure of perfection hold you back from recording. Use these ideas as a springboard, and soon you’ll find yourself inspired and ready to create amazing content once again.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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