Ep 32: From iPods to Podcasts: How Podcasting Has Evolved and How You Can Join in

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting

During a recent encounter, I came across someone who was unfamiliar with the concept of podcasts. Intrigued by this, I decided to dig deeper and provide them with an overview. So, what exactly is a podcast? But then I decided to go back even further and delve into my first interaction with podcasts.

So, in this episode, we look back at my scepticism of podcasts when they first became a ‘thing’ when I was a teenager. I also share my own journey with podcasting since 2004, initially being sceptical but now seeing it as an integral part of my life.

I also talk about the growth of podcasts and how anyone can start one with passion and the necessary equipment.


  • Effective and actionable tips for podcast launch and management
  • My initial scepticism towards podcasts and thinking that they’d never take off!
  • The significant growth of podcasting and its integration into my life and business
  • The different aspects of podcasting, including its growth and number of podcasts compared to YouTube channels
  • The opportunity for anyone to start a podcast with passion, the necessary equipment, and a hosting platform

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