Episode 8

Selling High Ticket Courses - with Erica Nash

Show Notes

In this episode, we define what a high ticket course is and the crucial steps you need to take to create and sell a high ticket online course.

If you have ever wondered how you can sell a course for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, then this is the episode for you. Here, we deep dive into what a high ticket course is, how you price your high ticket course, and how to structure a high ticket course.

The definition and what you have to offer to create a high ticket course might surprise you, especially as a high ticket price tag doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars. It’s about what’s considered of high value to your customer and students. And what you need to offer might surprise you as well, because it’s not about providing so much content that you burn yourself out. It’s about delivering what is manageable for you and marrying that with your income goals.

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Website: www.ericanashdesign.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ericanashdesign

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