Ep 36: How Often Should You Be Releasing Your Podcast Episodes?

I totally get how consistency is the name of the podcasting game. But, with the burning question being, “How often should I hit that ‘publish’ button?” I wanted to explore this more in this episode.

The answer depends on a few factors; your audience, the content you’re making, and your resources, all play a big role.

Let’s talk production schedule and resources. It’s like the backbone of your podcast. And it’s got to fit your lifestyle. I mean, daily episodes sound awesome, but let’s be real – if your schedule’s a rollercoaster, then is the stress of that content schedule worth it for you?

Before you commit to any schedule, ask yourself: How much time can you honestly pour into each episode? Are you a solo act or have a team behind you? These answers shape how often you can churn out those episodes without compromising quality. Believe me, quality over quantity is the golden rule.

Now, picture your audience. Are they bustling bees who can spare a listen once a week? Or are they die-hard fans who want you in their ears daily? Think surveys, data crunching, and understanding their habits. You want to keep your audience happy and engaged, but remember, you matter too. There’s no need or point in burning out as a result of chasing a crazy schedule.

We will also discuss how to look at what your competition is doing, as well as others in your niche. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – what’s the norm in your niche? But hey, don’t feel tied to norms if they don’t align with your workflow. Remember: your show, your rules.

Key points:

  1. Production schedules matter: Your production schedule should align with your lifestyle and resources. Quality episodes matter more than quantity, so be realistic about how much time and effort you can dedicate.
  2. Audience preferences count: Understand your audience’s habits and preferences. Conduct surveys or analyse listener data to figure out if they’re looking for weekly doses or daily fixes.
  3. Competition and industry norms: Research what frequency other podcasts in your niche follow. While industry standards matter, prioritise what suits you and your content best.
  4. Test and adapt: Experiment with different release frequencies. Gather feedback from your audience and analyse engagement and download numbers. Stay flexible and adjust your strategy based on results.
  5. Balance and consistency: Finding the right frequency isn’t a one-time decision. Maintain a balance between your podcasting goals, audience preferences, and your own commitments. Be ready to adapt as circumstances change.

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