Ep 52: 7 Mistakes That New Podcasters Need to Avoid

In this episode from a podcast about podcasting, I discuss the common mistakes that new podcasters make. Investing in an expensive microphone does not guarantee high-quality audio content, as it is more about the skills to use the microphone effectively. We’ll also talk about how new podcasters often expect overnight success and give up too early when podcasting is a long game that requires patience and consistency.

Additionally, I’ll tell you why constantly switching editing software based on reviews can be killing your podcast growth. Instead, you need to find what works and stick with it.

Finally, we’ll talk podcasting tips, focusing on consistency, targeting the right audience, and promoting the podcast on ideal platforms. I’ll give you my thoughts on converting podcast content into other forms, such as blog posts and optimising them for SEO to attract more listeners.


  • Thinking an expensive microphone guarantees high-quality audio
  • Expecting overnight success, limiting podcasts to a few directories, giving up too early
  • Avoid getting caught up in constantly switching editing software based on reviews
  • Common errors: lack of consistency, not focusing on a target audience, not promoting the podcast on non-ideal platforms
  • Importance of promoting and marketing the podcast effectively
  • Converting podcast content into other forms, like blog posts, for SEO optimization
  • Encouragement for listeners to share their own experiences and mistakes


  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:01:02] Believing you need an expensive microphone
  • [00:01:46] Expecting instant success
  • [00:03:03] Not having your podcast on multiple directories
  • [00:04:23] Giving up before episode 10
  • [00:05:40] Constantly changing software
  • [00:07:27] Not promoting your podcast
  • [00:09:14] Creating content just for yourself

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