Should Podcasters Worry About a TikTok Ban? Here’s 2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Woman setting up for filming a TikTok video - will she be affected by a potential TikTok ban?

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Let’s cut right to the chase – the buzz around a potential TikTok ban in the US has a lot of podcasters wondering if they should pull their promotion efforts from the platform. Granted, I don’t use TikTok to promote my podcast, but I think that there’s a conversation to be had around this topic.

And honestly, if you’re a podcaster using TikTok to drive listeners to your show, I don’t think you should be worried about the threat of a TikTok ban.


Well in this post we will break down what a potential TikTok ban might mean for podcasters, why you shouldn’t be stressing about what might come in the future, and what to concentrate on rather than stressing.

The Timeline for a Potential TikTok Ban Is Forever Away

Congress may have passed a bill allowing a TikTok ban or sale, but that’s just the first tiny step. Actually implementing a nationwide TikTok ban could take years given how slowly legislation tends to move.

Think about how long it took for something like GDPR privacy laws to go into effect after being passed. Most experts predicted at least a two-year runway, and they ended up being right. So we’re likely looking at a similar drawn-out timeline for any TikTok changes – if not longer.

And in the world of social media, a couple of years is an eternity!

Who knows what new apps and platforms will emerge and pull attention away from TikTok by then. The app could be irrelevant before any ban even happens.

Your Community Is Your Greatest Asset

But let’s say the unlikely happens and a TikTok ban happens relatively quickly. Even if you’ve used it successfully for podcast marketing, you shouldn’t panic.


Because your true asset isn’t TikTok itself – it’s the community of loyal fans and followers you’ve built through your presence on the platform.

Think about it.

If you’ve worked hard to engage an audience on TikTok by providing value and interacting, those people know and trust you. They’ll follow you wherever you go next, whether that’s to a new platform or just sticking closer to your podcast’s home base.

The real power has always been in your ability to connect with listeners, nurture a community, and get them eagerly awaiting your latest content. TikTok was just a helpful tool, not the be-all and end-all of your marketing efforts.

So instead of fretting over a TikTok ban, double down on cultivating that relationship with your existing fans. Send newsletters, go live on other platforms, interact on your podcast’s other social channels – do whatever you can to strengthen those bonds. That way, if/when you do need to rebuild on a different app, you’ll have a ready-made core audience to rap with you.

My Best Podcast Marketing Advice? Diversify!

Now, I’m definitely not saying abandon TikTok altogether if it’s working for your show. By all means, keep using the platform as long as it exists. It can still be an amazing way to attract new listeners.

But what I am suggesting is diversifying your podcast’s marketing approach. Don’t build your entire strategy around TikTok or any single platform for that matter.

That’s just setting yourself up for potential catastrophe.

Instead, promote your show across a range of channels. This could include postinh creative content on Instagram, engaging on Twitter, sharing clips on YouTube, running Facebook Ads – exploring different methods to circulate your podcast and court new fans.

That way, if you do lose access to one particular platform, you have a zillion other marketing streams already pumping strong.

For example, on my podcast’s marketing calendar, you’ll find:

  • Consistent posts and threads on Twitter
  • Blog posts written for SEO with embedded podcast episodes
  • Podcast episodes published on YouTube
  • Guest swaps with other podcasters
  • Weekly email blasts to my email list
  • Plus, I’ve just gotten into Discord and joined a couple of podcasting servers!

Spreading your efforts around like this ensures your marketing is resilient.


The bottom line?

Don’t tie your podcast’s success to the fate of any single social media app. It’s never worth the risk. Play around, and see what channels work, but never depend fully on something so fickle and transitional.

So go forth, experiment, promote your show…and stop stressing so hard about this TikTok thing.

As long as you keep putting out quality content and nurturing your day-one fans, your podcast’s growth won’t get derailed by any petty app bans. Your community always comes first!

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

Verity Sangan

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