Ep 57: Debunking 5 Common Podcasting Myths

Have you ever fallen for common podcasting myths? I’m raising my hand here! I’m Verity from The Lazy Girls Guide to Podcasting and in this straight-talking episode, I’m getting real about assumptions I used to make. 

If you’re nodding along to any of these, let me pull back the curtain:

  • Relying on big-name guests to promote your show rarely works. I used to think their fanbase would automatically listen. Not true! I’ll share what actually builds an audience.  
  • No need to break the bank on equipment and software! I started with basic gear and free programs. Good content matters most.
  • Reviews and ratings have limited influence. I’ll debunk what impacts visibility and share what ratings are actually good for.  
  • Episode artwork – I thought it was lame! Now I see value in catching eyes and interest. 
  • Episode numbers in titles – leaving them out caused me headaches. I’ll share why I include them now!

I cringe at what I used to believe before learning these truths. As I reflect on mistakes that misguided me, I realization hit: so many podcasters fall into the same traps! 

So I’m coming clean. Join me as I unpack the myths, missteps, and lessons that now guide my podcasting approach. Whether you’re starting out or more experienced, these podcasting tips and my transparency provide an “aha” moment and path forward. 

I’m excited to simplify the complexities around growth and peel back the curtain on the podcasting world. Hit play now to hear me get vulnerable and equip you with game-changing insights!


  • Inviting big-name guests to increase listener numbers
  • The importance of expensive equipment and software
  • The power of algorithms influenced by reviews and ratings
  • Dismissing the importance of episode artwork
  • Including episode numbers in podcast titles


  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:00:31] Debunking Myths about Podcast Growth Strategies
  • [00:05:46] The Truth About Podcasting Equipment and Software
  • [00:06:54] Debunking Podcasting Myths and Understanding the Value of Episode Artwork
  • [00:09:24] Controversies and Benefits of Including Episode Numbers in Podcast Titles
  • [00:11:45] Debunking Podcasting Myths

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Verity Sangan

Hey! I'm Verity. I love all things podcasting and am passionate about getting more women find their voice through podcasts. When I'm not in work or busy with mum-duties, I host The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting.