Ep 48: Using Business Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Podcast – Podcast Marketing Series Pt 1

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In this episode, I share my key takeaways from the Greenhouse Jersey Marketing and Sales Conference that I recently attended. I was blown away by a talk from Dan Knowlton, co-host of the Business Anchors Podcast, where Dan explained why we need to forget everything that we know about traditional marketing.

So, with my podcasting thinking cap on, I took notes on how everything he was advising in terms of selling products and services, could instead be applied to promoting your podcast.


  • [00:00:00] Marketing Your Podcast: A Mini-Series – Intro
  • [00:02:13] Forget Everything You Know About Marketing
  • [00:04:25] The Art of Selfless Selfishness in Content Creation
  • [00:07:03] Podcast Promotion Tips and Strategies

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Episode Transcript

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[00:00:00] Marketing Your Podcast: A Mini-Series

[00:00:00] Verity Sangan: And if you are listening on the podcast, to subscribe via whichever podcast directory you are currently listening on.
[00:00:07] Verity Sangan: Now, I want to do something a little bit different for the next three episodes or so, and I’m actually going to be doing a bit of a mini series, marketing series on how to market your podcast.
[00:00:19] Verity Sangan: And this all came about.
[00:00:20] Verity Sangan: I went to this event, which was Greenhouse Jersey.
[00:00:23] Verity Sangan: It’s a marketing and sales Fields for Entrepreneurs conference, one day conference which is held in Jersey.
[00:00:29] Verity Sangan: And I went to this on the 14 October shout out to Greenhouse, shout outs to Jackie Patton, who organizes it all.
[00:00:36] Verity Sangan: It is no mean feat at all, but I had the absolute fortune of listening to some incredible speakers when it comes to marketing and sales.
[00:00:45] Verity Sangan: And you might be thinking, but Verity, we’re not doing marketing and sales through our podcast.
[00:00:50] Verity Sangan: But I went very much with the view of what can I pick up that would help with marketing of a podcast?
[00:00:56] Verity Sangan: Because if you then think of selling, not of selling items, but selling your podcast, I e getting more people to listen to your podcast.
[00:01:04] Verity Sangan: It’s a form of selling, really.
[00:01:06] Verity Sangan: It’s the way I see it.
[00:01:08] Verity Sangan: So I went along with that very much in mind of what tips and tricks from marketing and sales can I learn that I could apply to marketing and selling my podcast to essentially get more listens in.
[00:01:20] Verity Sangan: So I think this is going to be really good fun.
[00:01:22] Verity Sangan: So, without further ado, I am going to be kicking off with Dan Nolton.

[00:01:28] Conversation with Dan Nolton, a Renowned Social Media Marketer

[00:01:28] Verity Sangan: Now, Dan Nolton is a social media I’m literally reading this straight from here.
[00:01:32] Verity Sangan: Dan Nolton is a social media marketing who has grown Nolton into a multi award winning business.
[00:01:38] Verity Sangan: He’s known for giving best insights away on stages around the world and is a co host of the Business Anchors podcast.
[00:01:44] Verity Sangan: And I thought, well, you know, if he’s in podcasting, then obviously we need to talk about him.
[00:01:48] Verity Sangan: So, first up, these are all of the notes that I made on Dan Nolton’s talk.
[00:01:54] Verity Sangan: Absolutely incredible.
[00:01:55] Verity Sangan: I actually stalked the poor bloke afterwards, hit him up on LinkedIn and asked him to come on the podcast, and he said, yeah, sure, here’s my email address.
[00:02:04] Verity Sangan: Said hi to him, actually in person as well, which was really cool, really great.
[00:02:08] Verity Sangan: Genuine bloke.
[00:02:09] Verity Sangan: So I’m excited to arrange to have him on the podcast at some point.

[00:02:13] Forget Everything You Know About Marketing: Lessons from Dan

[00:02:13] Verity Sangan: But let’s start off with the lessons that I took from Dan’s chat, which was all about basically it was called Forget Everything You Know About Marketing, which I love.
[00:02:25] Verity Sangan: Just I love it.
[00:02:26] Verity Sangan: So let’s dive into it.
[00:02:28] Verity Sangan: What are the points that he was talking about when it comes to marketing and sales that we can be applying to our podcast?
[00:02:35] Verity Sangan: Well, first of all, he came up and excuse the language, but he was saying, no one gives a shit about you and you know what, it’s so true.
[00:02:45] Verity Sangan: Nobody does give a shit about you.
[00:02:46] Verity Sangan: People care about the content that you give them.
[00:02:50] Verity Sangan: So it goes back to the point that we’ve spoken about quite a number of times on this podcast that people want to be either entertained or educated in some way.
[00:03:00] Verity Sangan: So it’s figuring out, where does your podcast fit with that?
[00:03:03] Verity Sangan: Is it entertainment or is it education?
[00:03:05] Verity Sangan: And it doesn’t matter.
[00:03:06] Verity Sangan: There’s no right or wrong answer.
[00:03:08] Verity Sangan: But then when you’re marketing your podcast on social media, you can then lean more heavily as to are you using education to market your podcast or are you using entertainment to market your podcast or are you doing a mix of both?
[00:03:21] Verity Sangan: So I thought that was really interesting because as a podcaster, I was thinking about educating versus entertaining your social media viewers versus making it about you.
[00:03:32] Verity Sangan: So rather than being all like, oh, my gosh, come and listen to my podcast, this is my latest episode, me.
[00:03:37] Verity Sangan: Which, don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% guilty of this as much as the next podcaster.
[00:03:43] Verity Sangan: But instead of making it about me, instead, actually, what is it that you as the listener, can take away from my podcast episode from the podcast point of view?
[00:03:52] Verity Sangan: Am I going to be saying, hey, essentially, if you come and listen to this podcast, you’re going to be entertained, or, hey, if you come listen to this podcast, you are going to be educated?
[00:03:59] Verity Sangan: Obviously, I wouldn’t say it quite like that, but it’s just flipping that script rather than I’ve just put out this new podcast episode and my podcast is the best.
[00:04:07] Verity Sangan: And my new episode is totally amazing, actually flipping the script and trying to get across to people that if you come to this podcast, you will be entertained or educated.
[00:04:19] Verity Sangan: So I thought that was a really fresh take on how to market a podcast on social media.
[00:04:24] Verity Sangan: So I loved that.

[00:04:25] The Art of Selfless Selfishness in Content Creation

[00:04:25] Verity Sangan: He then went on to talking about how despite making your content about other people or about your social media viewers, essentially because the talk was all about promoting on social media your content and posts can be selfish, but in a selfless way.
[00:04:42] Verity Sangan: And I’ve never heard anyone talk about this before about how your content can be selfish.
[00:04:46] Verity Sangan: I e about you, but it needs to be selfless because that’s what’s going to draw people into it at the end of the day.
[00:04:52] Verity Sangan: So you always need to be thinking, what is in it for them?
[00:04:55] Verity Sangan: Why are my listeners, my viewers, whoever it is, why are they going to be interested in my piece of content?
[00:05:03] Verity Sangan: What is it that it’s doing for them?
[00:05:05] Verity Sangan: And I think that this is, again, really important when it comes to podcasting because it’s thinking, what is my listener going to get out of this particular episode?
[00:05:14] Verity Sangan: What’s in it for them when they give me 2030, 40, 50 minutes of their time, however long it is, what are they going to get out of it that they are benefiting from?
[00:05:24] Verity Sangan: And he gave this amazing example as well that when the ipod came out, apple and Steve Jobs did not market it as, here’s an MP3 device that you can put in your pocket and you carry it around with you and look how small it is and stuff.
[00:05:38] Verity Sangan: They marketed it as 1000 songs in your pocket.
[00:05:42] Verity Sangan: So they really sold the ipod with what was in it for the consumer.
[00:05:48] Verity Sangan: Well, at the time we were all carrying around discmans and walkmans and stuff and all these CDs and all of a sudden we didn’t have to do that because we could carry around 1000 songs in our pockets.
[00:05:59] Verity Sangan: So that marketing was just what could the ipod do for the consumer as opposed to look at this amazing thing that we’ve created and you’re going to love it because of this, this and this, and all these kind of features.
[00:06:10] Verity Sangan: So I think we need to think about our podcasts in the same way it’s what is it that our episodes and our podcast as a whole can do for the individual listener?
[00:06:20] Verity Sangan: I wrote down, don’t limit your creativity based on inspirations in your niche.
[00:06:25] Verity Sangan: So Dan was particularly talking about TikTok for this one and some Instagram trends and TikTok trends and he was saying when you’re going through and you see other people in your niche and you think, oh, that’s really cool, I should be doing that trend as well, or a piece of content around that.
[00:06:41] Verity Sangan: What he was saying is actually look for inspiration outside of your niche.
[00:06:46] Verity Sangan: So if you’re doing a podcast about accountancy, look at what podcasters in a completely different niche are doing, for example, or even look outside of the world of podcasting.
[00:06:56] Verity Sangan: Get your inspiration from whoever and wherever feels relevant to you.
[00:07:02] Verity Sangan: And I love that.

[00:07:03] Podcast Promotion Tips and Strategies

[00:07:03] Verity Sangan: This was an interesting one.
[00:07:05] Verity Sangan: When it comes to marketing and sharing your podcast, 20% of your marketing resource should be used to try something new.
[00:07:14] Verity Sangan: And I love this because how often do we get stuck in the tranches of oh, I only ever advertise on Instagram or I only ever advertise on Facebook.
[00:07:23] Verity Sangan: And by the way, when I say advertise, I don’t mean running ads, I mean advertisers in like promoting your podcast.
[00:07:28] Verity Sangan: And he’s saying that actually just try something different for 20% of your marketing attempts.
[00:07:35] Verity Sangan: And I love that so much because I think it is so, so fresh and you could try something and think it’s not for you, but actually you could try something and feel that you love it.
[00:07:44] Verity Sangan: So I love that as well.
[00:07:46] Verity Sangan: What will you test that’s completely new?
[00:07:48] Verity Sangan: This was a takeaway question that he had for the group of once you have figured out what you’re already doing for 80% of your marketing resource, what is it that you are going to test out?
[00:07:59] Verity Sangan: Obviously, we don’t want to be overwhelmed.
[00:08:00] Verity Sangan: Obviously, he was not advocating trying everything out and then trying everything for always.
[00:08:05] Verity Sangan: And if particularly it’s just you promoting your podcast, don’t get burnt out.
[00:08:10] Verity Sangan: But he was talking about just trying something that’s completely new and testing that out when it comes to promotion.
[00:08:15] Verity Sangan: And I think that, again, this is really, really important.
[00:08:19] Verity Sangan: When it comes to podcast promotion, I think it’s very easy.
[00:08:22] Verity Sangan: And I’m not knocking canva or this way of doing things because I do it like this all the time, but it’s very easy to go onto canva create a still graphic, put it out on social media with a little bit of a blurb, and then just expect all the listens to come in.
[00:08:35] Verity Sangan: And is there a fresher way that we can get people to come and listen to our podcast episodes?
[00:08:41] Verity Sangan: Beyond the hey, our new episodes out every Thursday like it always is, or whatever it is?
[00:08:46] Verity Sangan: It’s just thinking, what are the fresh ways that we can think to promoting our podcast episodes?
[00:08:52] Verity Sangan: Which has definitely got me putting my thinking cap on, because I want to figure out some new ways of promoting my podcast, which or this podcast, I should say, which is much more in line with the whole what’s in it for the listener?
[00:09:07] Verity Sangan: As opposed to just, hey, this is my new episode and this is why you should listen to it.
[00:09:11] Verity Sangan: Because I want this and all the rest of it.
[00:09:14] Verity Sangan: So I think that’s really interesting.
[00:09:15] Verity Sangan: But yeah, those were my key takeaways from Dan’s session and how I have applied them to podcasting.
[00:09:24] Verity Sangan: I hope you enjoyed it.
[00:09:25] Verity Sangan: I would love to know particularly what are your thoughts on how you are going to try and promote your podcast, which is maybe a little bit outside of the traditional, here’s my podcast and here’s the episode link.
[00:09:38] Verity Sangan: If you’ve got any fresh ideas, drop them in the comments below.
[00:09:41] Verity Sangan: If you are on YouTube, if you are listening via the podcast, then you can reach out to me on Twitter and on Instagram at Veritysongon.
[00:09:48] Verity Sangan: Those are the places that I hang out most on social media and I would love to know your opinions.
[00:09:54] Verity Sangan: In the next episode, I’m going to be continuing with the theme of marketing and I’m going to be giving you my key takeaways from the talk that I attended with Joe Glover, what I learned from him from a marketing and sales point of view, and how that can be applied to the world of podcasting.
[00:10:12] Verity Sangan: So don’t forget to subscribe wherever you are listening or watching to this podcast episode so that you are the first to know as soon as that next episode drops.
[00:10:21] Verity Sangan: Otherwise, I will see you next time.

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