Ep 49: How to Turn Your Podcast Listeners into Superfans – Podcast Marketing Series Pt 2

It’s part 2 of our Podcast Marketing Series! In this episode, I’m delving into a talk I attended at GREENHOUSE Jersey and delivered by Joe Glover, co-founder of The Marketing Meetup.

In his talk, Joe talked all about marketing products and services to customers. His approach is highly applicable to podcasts and podcasters who want to engage their listeners and turn them into loyal fans.

Learn how to increase your listeners, subscribers, and visibility for your podcast by implementing these effective marketing strategies. We’ll highlight the importance of branding, tone of voice, and values that make your podcast unique and appealing to audiences. Discover the power of ‘Word of Mouth’ in boosting your podcast’s popularity and find out how to leverage your podcast outro to encourage listeners to share your content on social media.

My podcasting kit:

🎧 Riverside: https://veritysangan.com/riverside

👩‍💻 Content repurposing: https://veritysangan.com/summaraize

🎙 Blue Yeti microphone


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:00:19] Applying Marketing Strategies for Podcasting Growth

[00:01:29] Joe Glover’s Marketing Philosophy

[00:02:32] Branding and Distinctiveness in Podcasting

[00:03:23] Promoting Your Podcast: Considering Your Branding, Tone of Voice, and Values

[00:04:36] Influence of Word of Mouth on Podcast Sharing and Popularity

[00:06:56] Promoting Your Podcast Effectively

[00:08:36] Being Respectful of Your Energy

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