Ep 44: How Many Episodes Does Your Podcast Need?

In this episode of “The Lazy Girls Guide to Podcasting,” I talk about my decision to change the structure of my podcast intro. I’ve got rid of the ‘traditional’ intro for a more dynamic one.

I also discuss an interesting comment that I received on Twitter that challenges the traditional view of podcast lifecycles, suggesting that podcasts don’t have to go on indefinitely. I highlight the importance of viewing podcasting as an art form rather than just continuous content creation.

Finally, we look at the debate between quantity and quality in podcasting. Is it better to have a large number of episodes or to focus on maintaining conversations that provide value?


[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:00:18] Removing a traditional introduction

[00:01:16] Redefining podcasting: Understanding its lifecycle

[00:06:18] Quality versus quantity

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