Ep 48: Using Business Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Podcast – Podcast Marketing Series Pt 1

In this episode, I share my key takeaways from the Greenhouse Jersey Marketing and Sales Conference that I recently attended. I was blown away by a talk from Dan Knowlton, co-host of the Business Anchors Podcast, where Dan explained why we need to forget everything that we know about traditional marketing.

So, with my podcasting thinking cap on, I took notes on how everything he was advising in terms of selling products and services, could instead be applied to promoting your podcast.


[00:00:00] Marketing Your Podcast: A Mini-Series – Intro

[00:02:13] Forget Everything You Know About Marketing

[00:04:25] The Art of Selfless Selfishness in Content Creation

[00:07:03] Podcast Promotion Tips and Strategies

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