Ep 56: How to Attract High-Value Guests to Your Show

Are you ready to take your podcast interviews to the next level?

In this episode of Lazy Girls Guide to Podcasting, I’ll reveal a game-changing approach and tips to categorizing podcast guests. Discover the three distinct types of guests that can transform your show and skyrocket engagement. Join me as I share valuable podcasting tips on booking guests, including untapped potential within your circle, finding new voices, and leveraging well-known experts.

Learn how to provide value to your audience and create episodes that leave a lasting impact. Plus, dive into my personal experience and tips on successful guest booking.

Don’t miss out on this episode packed with actionable strategies for you and your podcast!


  • Overview of the three groups of potential podcast guests: people within your circle, people you need to find, and well-known experts or celebrities.
  • The potential of inviting people within your circle, with me sharing my experience with my first podcast and my friend’s episode brought in new listeners.
  • The importance of providing value to the audience and considering how each guest contributes to that.
  • The potential limitations of inviting well-known experts or celebrities, and how they may not necessarily boost a podcast’s popularity.
  • My experience with guest booking and how I prepared my invites.
  • The importance of timing, referencing previous guests, and providing a personal and convincing reason for inviting a particular expert to the show.


  • [00:00:00] Three Types of Podcast Guests: A Different Approach
  • [00:00:51] Welcoming New Listeners to the Podcast World
  • [00:02:18] Three Types of Podcast Guests Explained
  • [00:05:36] Selecting the Right Guests for Your Podcast
  • [00:12:27] Enhancing Podcasting Experience: Masterclass on Booking Bigger Guests

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