BONUS: August ’23 Analytics

I had this idea a while ago to bring you, the lovely listeners, the raw and honest stats and figures for the growth of this podcast.

My targets are to hit 5,000 monthly downloads for the podcast, 500 YouTube subscribers, and 3,000 YouTube watch hours.

So, at the end of each month, I’ll bring you these little bonus episodes to see the honest growth and the journey to hitting these different metrics.

Monthly metrics that will be tracked will be:

  • Downloads (Month)
  • Downloads (Total)
  • Top episode (podcast)
  • Podcast subs
  • Largest audience
  • Most used platform
  • YouTube watch time
  • YouTube subs
  • Top episode (YouTube)
  • Total followers on social

The top episode for this month on both the podcast and YouTube is episode 35: The Hack That Will Save You HOURS On Your Podcast Workflow:

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Past Episodes

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