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The Life Shift with Matt Gilhooly

Matt Gilhooly


Matt Gilhooly

Podcast Title

The Life Shift

How long have you been podcasting for?

I launched the show officially on March 22, 2022.

What is your podcast about?

The Life Shift Podcast showcases candid conversations about the pivotal moments that have changed peoples’ lives forever.

Why did you start your podcast?

My mother was killed in a motorcycle accident when I was eight years old.

After that, my life completely changed from what it would be – I moved to a new state, lived with my father, started a new school, etc. No one around me had the tools to help me grieve, which made me feel so alone in my circumstances. It took over 20 years to process the grief.

I created this show so that people do not feel alone in their circumstances. My hope is that stories help create more human connections.

The show is not all sad or grief but also shows more internal shifts that have changed my guests’ lives.

How has your podcast affected your business/hobby/life?

I never thought that this show would grow in this way.

The journey has been way more fulfilling than I ever expected. The connections that I have made are just so wonderful.

In addition, I’ve learned new technical and soft skills, such as active listening. I cannot believe so many people trust me with their deeply personal stories.

I am always and forever honoured, and I hope I can turn this show into something I can do more full-time.

What’s your favourite podcast tool and why?

I love Momento.fm lately. This AI tool helps identify special moments and segments of each episode that I can use to highlight on social or YouTube.

It also uses the transcript to give me some ideas for titles and show notes – as many podcasters know, there is a ton of time put into an hour-long weekly interview show each week (way beyond the recording portion). So, this tool is top-notch for me.

What’s your number 1 tip for new podcasters?

The top advice for a new podcaster is not to listen to ALL the experts at once.

Check out what the “experts” have to say and recommend and then determine which aspects are doable and reasonable for your show.

Everyone’s podcasting journey is different, and what works for my show may never work for another show. Find your own lane and lean into that WHY. The rest will come.

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